We love capturing all the little moments on your wedding day and putting them together to create YOUR unique story


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn about US!  We are Joey and Noelle, the head videographers of a team of 6 and that’s our little cutie “A”!  We love capturing the little romantic and emotional moments that happen on your wedding day.   Our style is more of storytelling your day rather than just capturing it.  As shown in our portfolio, the story of your day is driven by the words spoken by you and your loved ones.  We specialize in extracting your story in a light, romantic unobtrusive way.  We look forward to capturing your special day!

our perspective

We take pride in capturing all the little details and emotions that make up your wedding day.  Anticipation and an artistic eye is essential in capturing these moments.  We don’t just show up with a camera and shoot what we see, we dig a little deeper and find out who and what is important to you.

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